Internet Of Things

Smart City Solutions
Connected Vehicle
Smart Factory
City Surveillance
Intelligent Rail and Transit Solution 

Industrial Networking

Industrial DIN-Rail Managed and Un-Managed Switches
Industrial Fan-Less Managed PoE Switch
Industrial Fan-Less Managed Fiber Optic Media converter
Industrial Fan-Less Managed Core Switch
Industrial EN50155 Standard Managed Switches
Industrial IEC 61850-3 Standard Managed Switches
Industrial DNV Type Managed Switches
Industrial Hazardous Managed Switches

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

LTE | WLAN Serial Router
LTE PoE Router
LTE LoRa Gateway
Outdoor WiFi AP
Railway Ethernet PoE Switch
Network Management Software
IIoT Cloud Platform

Industrial Networking Products and Solutions 

NET WIZARDS L.L.C is working as a Distributor and Solution provider of Industrial Networking Products in MENA region.

Industrial Computing Products and Solutions 

We are providing a full range of IPC and HMI products to serve Industrial Automation and IoT projects in MENA region.

Industrial Automation Products and Solutions 

We are serving Oil and Gas sector with all our related products to Industrial Automation such as IPC, PLC and RTUs.

Internet of Things (IOT) Products and Solutions 

IoT is the future. We are building the future with total IoT solutions such as Sensors, Platforms and Infrastructures.

Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT)

Outdoor Parking Solutions
Outdoor Parking

Outdoor Parking Management System – LoRa – NB-IoT

Indoor Parking Solutions
Indoor Parking

Indoor Parking Management System

Lighting Solutions

Lighting Management Based on NB-IoT and LoRa WAN

Real Time Tracking Solutions
Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking System – RTLS (IIoT)

Remote Tank Solutions
Remote Tank

Remote Tank Monitoring System (IIoT)

Remote Water Quality Solutions

Remote Water Quality and Dams Monitoring System (IIoT)

Elevator Solutions

Elevator Monitoring System

Water and Electricity Solutions
Water and Electricity

Water and Electricity Meter based on NB-IoT


Industrial IoT Products and Solutions