Indoor Parking Management System

WoMtechnology , Provides a complete range of hardware and software for Parking Guidance System(PGS) based on Industrial IoT. The products range can fulfill all the requirements in below sectors:
- Single LPR Parking Camera
- Dual LPR Parking Camera
- Car Finding Kiosk
- Emergecny Intercom
- Private Cloud Platform

Parking Guidance System(PGS) can be implemented in several industries and applications such as:
Hospitals: to monitor the occupied and empty parking and guide the vehicle drivers to find the nearest empty parking by using a Mobile App or Outdoor LED Sign boards.
Shopping Malls: to monitor the Occupied and Empty Parking and guide the vehicle driver to find Empty parking and Increase presence of shopping.
Airports and Train Stations: To to monitor the Occupied and Empty Parking and guide the vehicle driver to find empty parking and reduce the traffic and air pollution.
Property Owners: To manage the tenant parking and avoid violation on parking spots.


• Different locations (Around the City)
• High Temperature Environment
• Central Monitoring and Management System
• Cost of Operation
• Reliable Real Time System
• Expandable Solution
• Easy to installation and maintenance

System Features

• Lot Planning
• Geo-fence Tracking
• Battery Maintenance
• Billing API
• Navigation API
• Authorization
• Big Data
• History Review

Effective Parking Space Management

Effective parking space management empowers drivers reducing the hassles and find free parking space quickly. In addition, it helps to reduce fuel consumption and feel relaxed from place to place.
Parking Guidance System can accurately sense the occupancy status of parking space(s) by fully integrated LPR Camera. As soon as a vehicle pulls in to or out, the LPR Camera can detect the vehicle and register the plate number. Parking space information is reported to the management platform through WAN/LAN network to fulfill smart parking management.
With leading technologies of LPR Camera, the system is easy to use and can be rapidly deployed. The system also provides cross-system integration for various payment methods including self-help automatic payment, membership payment.

LPR Camera

• 3 Megapixel resolution
• Single or dual wide-angle lenses
• Detects multi-space occupancy
• Supports LPR for multiple spaces
• Adjustable license plate detection areas
• Support video recording (Optional)
• Built-in gigabit hub for daisy chain installation

Parking CMS

• Web-based management platform
• Real-time monitoring of your parking lot
• Keep an eye on your black & white list
• More remote controller for your gates
• Personalize your dynamic signage
• Intuitive search by license plate/parking number/arrival time
• Historical data inquiry and export

LPR Server

• Managing over 1,000 parking spaces
• Built-in License Plate Recognition Engine
• Automatic & 99.5% Accurate recognition of license plates from vehicles
• A comprehensive database consists of image, date, time and license number
• Processes the gathered information for the use of Park management platform, car finder kiosk, APPs, LED signage and more


• Multi-color choices
• Three-way direction function with available parking Space quantity
• Support multi-languages
• Display numeric, alphabet and character
• Display personalized text for certain visitors
• Auto display of evacuation message when event occurs
• Remotely update display contents
• TCP/IP structure
• Size :1080 x190 x 100 mm
• AC50~60Hz 220V / 110V