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WoM Technologies provides a full range of Industrial Computing products such as Fan Less Industrial Computer, Panel PC, HMI, Medical PC and IoT gateways for different applications such as Oil and Gas, Transportation, Power Sub stations, Video Surveillance,Traffic Management and Medical sector.

Computer on Module

Computer on ModuleComputer on Module perfectly meets your custom application requirements while helping you reach your goals for time-to-market, saving money, design flexibility and risk minimization. With a versatile portfolio of low-power CPU available from Intel, AMD and VIA supporting fanless operation, your system will enjoy the benefits of best performance per watt. ARBOR's Computer on Module includes Com Express, XTX and ETX Computer on module Series to meet every type of demand in your application. ARBOR's Com Express is compact in size, and its CPU module exerts its advantage when combined with your application. The Com Express form factor board, just like EmETXe-i9652, will allow your Com Express module to have more choices and is compatible with your Com Express usage device.

Rugged Mobile Computing

tabletARBOR has identified your need to deploy mobile computing into your daily operation. With our experience in embedded design and networking practices, ARBOR provides operative benefits to streamline your business. Best of all, you also enjoy extended Tablet PC life cycle with ARBOR's high performance / low power consumption platform and long-term product supplying.

Industrial Computer
Medical Computing

Medical ComputingFeaturing high performance and outstanding graphic computing, ARBOR's multi-function medical station can be used for vital sign monitoring, nursing care, clinical diagnosis and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems). Furthermore, with all kinds of networking connectivity and identification modules, our medical station provides doctors and medical staff with a trusted and easy to use system.

Industrial Computer for Transportation

industrial computer for transportationDifferent from industrial Box PCs, our transportation Box PCs come with a smarter ignition power on/off design, and a fanless and robust design. These features provide high stability that is able to withstand shock and vibration on moving vehicles such as buses, cars, trains, and trucks. With rich I/O expansions, our transportation Box PCs can be deployed as multi-media displays, people recognition, stop announcement systems, security control, tire pressure monitoring and so on.

Wide Temperature

wide temreture industrial computerOur BOX PC are designed to meet the requirement from Controllers, thin clients and other appliance users. Our BOX PCs are easy to install & maintain, with an industrious design to fulfill fanless applications. We offer wide ranges of CPUs, from those high performance processors to low voltage embedded processors , which are supplied by Intel, AMD and VIA CPU manufactures to meet variety of application demands. Arbor's BOX PC is an off-the-shelf product made for those who are anxious for embedded solutions.

Heavy Duty Panel PC

heavy duty industrial panel PCWe design fanless, modular, panel computers, built around high performance core logic, using high brightness TFT LCD displays, multimedia and networking components and user-friendly touch screens, all packaged in rugged and compact chassis. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, these systems are powerful compact space savers offering a comprehensive line of applications ranging from point-of-sales and point-of-information to machine control and health care.