Railway Market Challenges

Railway transportation mode being reliable, efficient, and, therefore, one of the most demanded ones, nowadays has to constantly evolve in accordance with the modern world’s demands. Such factors as increasing number of passengers, emerging terrorist threat, and common need to be always “online”, have outlined two major priorities for railway operators:
■ Safety for passengers and staff which is provided by real-time IP video surveillance onboard and on train stations;
■ Onboard entertainment by means of Wi-Fi connectivity, high-speed voice and video transmission. For these purposes, establishing of reliable and secure Ethernet and wireless networks is a must.

However, railway market features a number of critical requirements have to be met. First of all, equipment must sustain uniquely harsh environment, vibration, and shock. Consequently, it is very important that data communication equipment deployed in the Network comply with Railway Standard EN50155.

Meeting all the requirements of the Railway market, WoMtechnology provides cost-saving and efficient data communication solutions on trains, train stations and along railroad tracks which allow increasing the efficiency of the rail network and, simultaneously, reducing maintenance costs.

Typical applications

Real-time Railroad Monitoring

To monitor the real-time traffic situation and environmental conditions, it is required to build Ethernet Network with reliable back-bone switch and data communication equipment capable of sustaining severe environmental conditions, including extreme temperature variations, vibration, humidity, dust, etc.

Fanless design and -40~70゚C wide operating temperature make WoMtechnology’s switches a perfect choice for reliable and high quality data and video stream transmission for the real-time monitoring of railway stations and rail roads.
Industrial-grade din-rail switches MP614 are used for collecting the data and sending to Railway Traffic Control Center. MP614 is equipped with 14 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4 of which are Gigabit SFP combo ports for sustainable long-distance gigabit fiber connectivity. Rackmount switches RS328 for deployment in Control Center collect all the data from MP614 through gigabit copper and fiber ports. With Ring redundancy technology supported, RS328 provides secure data transmission whilst advanced management and security functions make Network management convenient and effective. 
Railway System Networks:
IP surveillance on rolling stocks and data transmission to train maintenance station 
IP cameras have become essential for the rolling stock allowing railway operators to monitor the situation on-board from control centers. Modern IP technology provides high quality data, thus, demands high bandwidth of wired and wireless connectivity. WoMtechnology is providing a complete Railway Ethernet system solution including wired and wireless data communication equipment. As the train gets to base station, the on-board data is transferred there for further redirection to Maintenance Central Office; therefore, reliable and high performance connectivity for large amount of data communication is needed.
MP310 switches are deployed on-board and on base stations; this model is equipped with 8 af/at PoE ports, transmitting 30W Power over Ethernet per port  to the Wireless Access Points and IP cameras. MP310 helps to collect the IP-video streaming and send to wireless access point WR312G. WR312G – dual radio 2.4G and 5G 2T2R wireless access points in trains and on Base stations are used for transmitting on-board data to a Base station; due to the supporting 802.11ac standard, the data rate up to 866Mbs achieved. Advanced cyber security features WEP, WAP, WAP2 and MAC address filtering guarantee the highest security of the streamed wireless data. After Base stations, all the data is safely transferred to Central Maintenance Office through the Gigabit Fiber Ring.

WoMtechnology’s solutions let railway operators to integrate reliable, high-bandwidth and high-resilient networks which meet the requirements of operating in harsh conditions of shock, vibration, humidity, temperature extremes, and provides redundancy and data security.