Real Time Tracking System – RTLS (IIoT)

WoMtechnology, provides a complete range of hardware and software for Real Time Location System (RTLS) based on Industrial IoT. The products range can fulfill all the requirements in below sectors:
- BLE readers and Tags
- IIoT Gateway (3G/4G, Wi-Fi Backhaul)
- Private Cloud Platform

RTLS can be implemented in several industries and applications such as:
- Healthcare industry to Track the Staff, Patients and Medical Equipment which are movable.
- Oil and Gas to track their worker on the field for safety and security purpose ( indoor and Outdoor )
- Events and Exhibitions to Track their Staff and Visitors for Safety and Security purpose
- Factories and industrial fields to Track the Workers , Valuable Equipment , Mobile Machinaries
- Airport and Train Stations to Track their Staff and Visitors for Safety and Security purpose
- Supply Chain to track the vehicle and Goods

The most popular RTLS Applications are as following:
- Human Tracking during the Exhibition and Events
- Security staff Tracking ( indoor and Outdoor)
- Trolley Management in Airport and Malls
- Valuable Equipment Tracking in each organization
- Patients, Nurses and Doctors Tracking in Hospital

System Features

• Real Time Positioning System
• No UTP or Fiber cabling
• 3G/4G, Wi-Fi backhaul for more coverage up to 2K
• Different Tags for Different Applications
• 1-5 Year Battery Life time
• Cost effective for large scale deployment
• Graphical Dashboard
• Operating temperature range of -40C to +70C (-40F to +158F)


• Several types of equipment and tools
• Different locations (Indoor, Outdoor)
• High Temperature Environment (Effects the tags)
• Central Monitoring and Management System
• Cost of Operation
• Reliable Real Time Location System
• Expandable Solution
• Easy to installation and Maintenance

Real Time Location System is combination of Tags and Readers. Based on Each applications we can use different tags and even combination of two tags. WoMaster solution is Based on BLE tags and Readers with 3G/4G, Wi-Fi Backhaul.

The BLE tags can be attached on any Equipment or Tools as well as wearable for Human. The tags power feeds are via Batteries which based on each application there will be different Battery Life time from 1 to 5 Years.

• 3G/4G full cellular network compatibility
• Each BLE reader can cover up to 20m2
• 3G/4G, Wi-Fi Backhaul coverage
• Support GPS for location of each reader
• Rugged Design for Harsh Environment Simple & Easy implantation

• Bluetooth 4.2 ( No interference from existing commercial frequency)
• Weight : between 50g to 75g
• Signal Coverage ~70m
• Battery: 1 CR 2450 ,600mAh, 1 -5 year
• Certification: KC certification
• Visitor risk, emergency call via the SOS button
• Battery level indication and SOS status value

• Support Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure cloud service
• Support BLE Tag to collect data from field
• Interactive monitoring dashboard and map shows the status, Real Time Location , signal strength
• Support over-the-air batch device registration, configuration and firmware update
• Set alerts on critical area (Geo-fencing)
• People heat map for crowd management