Remote Water Quality and Dams Monitoring System (IIoT)

WoMtechnology, provides a complete range of hardware and software for Remote Monitoring Solution ( RMS ) based on Industrial IoT. The products range can fulfill all the requirements in below sectors:
- Sensors
- IIoT Gateway
- Private Cloud Platform

All around the world, Water is one of the important resources which need to be take care in term of Quality and Usage. The IIoT solutions can be implemented for applications such as :
- Remote Water Dams Monitoring
- River and Lakes Water quality
- River flood Monitoring
- City Water Quality
- Waste Water Monitoring
- Fish Farm Water Quality
- Sea water Quality and Monitoring (Sea Ports and Coast)
- Hotels and Resorts Pool water Quality

The Factors which can be under control and Monitoring are:
- Dams and River Water Level
- Flood Detection in River
- Water usage control in Agriculture and landscape
- Measuring the:
        - Water temperature
        - Dissolved Oxygen
        - pH Level
        - And many more based on each application such as :
                Fluoride (F-), Calcium (Ca2+), Nitrate (NO3-), Chloride (Cl-), Iodide (I-), Cupric (Cu2+), Bromide (Br-), Silver (Ag+), Fluoroborate (BF4-), Ammonia(NH4), Lithium (Li+), Magnesium (Mg2+), Nitrite (NO2-), Perchlorate (ClO4), Potassium (K+), Sodium (Na+).


• Different Locations around the country or City
• Different type of Sensor
• Unified Communication Platform
• Harsh Environment ( Effects the Sensor )
• Monitoring via Video Surveillance
• Central Monitoring and Management system rather than individual monitoring
• Cost of Operation
• Reliable Remote Monitoring System
• Expandable Solution
• Easy to installation and maintenance

System Features

• Measuring the Water quality factors up to 20 Sensor in each single IIoT gateway
• Measuring the Water Level in Dams, Lakes and River
• Configurable alerts for Water Level
• Historical Data for Analyzing and future planning
• Variety of Reports
• Interactive mapping features
• Network coverage features
• Equipped with PoE ports for Video Surveillance
• Equipped with Audio output for Voice Alert
• Equipped with DO for output relay
• Cost effective for large scale deployment
• Graphical Dashboard
• Operating temperature range of -40C to +70C (-40F)


• 4G/3G/2G full cellular network compatibility
• Support GPS for location services
• IEEE 802.11ac compliant & backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n
• Selectable 5G/2.4G Wi Fi for local coverage, up to 866Mbps bandwidth
• Various configuration paths, including Web GUI, Telnet, LANUtility (ViewMaster ), and NMS NetMaster
• Supports cellular to WAN redundancy, dual SIM backup
• Supports Cellular to WLAN auto offload
• Dual serial ports with RS232/422/485 full functions for serial over LTE/WiFi/Ethernet data switching
• Support Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure cloud service
• Enhanced Cyber Security & Redundancy
• Rugged Design for Wayside Surveillance

Remote Water Quality and Dams Monitoring System is combination of Sensor, IIoT gateway and Cloud Platform. The Sensors can be Ultrasonic Sensor or Probe Sensor, Radar Sensors. Based on available Telecommunication or IoT Infrastructure such as 3G/4G , LoRa and NB-IoT , we can provide you with suitable IIoT Gateway.

Our IIoT gateways can support up to 20 Modbus RTU Sensors with standard range of Modbus RTU cabling length as daisy chain.
Video Surveillance and Weather Monitoring Can be added to each single Gateway to Monitor the Environmental factors as well.

Ultrasonic Sensor

• 1.12-24V wide voltage range
• Manual reset function
• With increase and difference distance measurement option, the product could be used for both distance and level measurement
• 1-15 levels of pulse emission strength options for setting
• Start and end of range could be set
• Built in temperature sensor for real time temperature compensation

Prob Sensor

• Pressure range: 0~1mH2O...200mH2O
• Accuracy:±0.25%FS, ±0.5%FS
• Flexible submersible measurement
• No-polarity two wire current output explosion proof certification
• CE certification


• Support Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure cloud service
• Support Modbus Tag to collect data from Modbus devices
• Interactive monitoring dashboard and map shows the status, signal strength, and location
• Support over-the-air batch device registration, configuration and firmware update
• Set alerts on critical events to prevent downtime (i.e signal strength is too low or temperature is too high)
• Node-RED like flow-based programming

ThingsMaster OTA

• Multi-Tenant Architecture
• Grouping and organize tasks for IoT deployment
• Each user has his own Dashboard
• N to N VPN
• Latest TLS encryption and X.509 authentication