Based on each project requirement, we have different software solutions. Almost of our software solutions are based on Cloud. We have our own Private IIoT cloud platform  that fits for your private IIOT platform requirement. It provides flexible and secured access from any web browser either in PC or smart phone. It also support RTSP streaming which allows you to broadcast from cloud to remote gateways via Voice over IP. Field site video surveillance is also supported from the cloud for environment monitor via IP cameras.

Our platform enables fast, flexible, secured dashboard for multi-user and supports MQTT and RESTful APIs for easy access to data from an IIoT gateway. Our platform OTA is also designed for central network management such as device configuration, firmware version upgrade, fault alert and event records.

  • Provides multi-user management, each logged-in user has his own Dashboard configuration.
  • Provide a variety of data sources to obtain data
  • Provide a variety of Widgets to display data.
  • Provides flexible themes.
  • Meet RWD (Responsive Web Design) requirements for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Industrial 4.0 Solution for Monitor machine downtime duration/occurrence, yield rate, productivity, achievement rate, etc.
  • Smart Environment Control Solution for Monitor PM1/2.5/10, CO2, temperature, humidity, radiation, wind speed, etc.
  • Smart Water Quality Control Solution for Monitor water EC, DO, PH, NH3-N, etc.
  • Smart Bus Tracking Solution for Monitor bus route, speed, fuel, etc.
  • Smart Metering Solution for Monitor district energy consumed, water consumed, etc.
  • Smart Energy Solution for Monitor meter voltage, frequency, power, current, energy consumption, etc.
  • Smart Farming Solution for Monitor silos weights, silos temperature, silos humidity, etc.