Industrial Networking

NET WIZARDS providing a full range of Industrial Networking products such as Managed Ethernet Fan Less Switches, Fiber Optic Media Converters, PoE switches, Din Rail Switches and Modular Rack Mount Switches for different applications such as Oil and Gas, Transportation, Power Sub stations, Video Surveillance and Traffic Management. 

Industrial EN50155 Switches

IPES-5222T-16-67Designed for railway and other rugged applications, Lantech EN50155 compliant series provides rugged protection with IP67/ IP43 housing with M12/ M23 connection. Lantech delivers the most complete product line to satisfy all your needs. For Lantech managed switches, you can choose from combinations of 8/ 16 ports, PoE/ non-PoE, fiber/ Giga T. 

Industrial IEC 61850-3 Switches

IPGS-5424Lantech IEC 61850-3 series features high reliability and robustness for power substation automation applications that operate in extremely harsh environments. The series is built for real-time transmission of important packets and against severe electrical interference in power substations.

Industrial PTP V2 1588 Switches

IPGS-5424Lantech Industrial PTP V2 1588 Switches built-in PTP V2. The hardware-based IEEE1588 PTP V2 function allows each port to synchronize the network with precise accuracy (under 1μs). It’s one of the most critical requirements for power substation applications.

Industrial DNV Type Switches

industrial-dnvMeet with the maritime test criteria in DNV type test, the series ensure the switches sustaining the harsh on-board environments often founded in ships, crafts, and offshore platforms. The wide product line provides the complete solution for maritime applications.

Industrial Hazardous Switches

industrial-hazardousGas, oil, and mine related environments are full with flammable gases, vapors, liquids and combustible dusts. We classified these areas as hazardous environments because disasters may be caused with only one small spark. To guarantee the safety of property and people, Lantech release a series of switches to fulfill this kind of applications. The series can be deployed in hazardous or explosive condition without increasing the risk of explosion or accelerating the damage if an accident occurs.

Industrial Managed Switches

industrial-managedLantech SNMP managed switches offer advanced functions to cover most of the network requirements, including IPv6, DDM, SSH/SSL, ACL, IGMP v3, DHCP, etc. Each model also supports advanced ITU G.8032 or Pro-Ring system for redundancy. All the models are strictly tested with shock, vibration, EMC with IP30-rated protection for various industrial applications.

Industrial Center Switches

industrial-centerLantech industrial center managed switches provide fully management functions with 19-inch rack mount installation, and also ensure the highest network redundancy. The modular high density design allows flexible configuration with Gigabit speed aggregation points.

Industrial PoE Switches

IPGS-3408GSFPFully compliant with IEEE802.3at/af PoE standard, Lantech industrial PoE series provides comprehensive PoE solution with durability and reliability. Al kinds of needs can be satisfied with our complete lineup, including unmanaged, managed, fiber uplink, SFP, combo, modular model, PoE mode A and PoE mode B.

Industrial DLR Ring Switches

industrial-dlr-ringLantech has been dedicated to developing fast and reliable industrial networking solution for a long period. Not only finding the new possibilities to our hardware products, but also the software features. Lantech’s 2 series models come with Pro-Ring2se self-recovery scheme for simple industrial network. Now, we are proud to announce that Lantech 2 series models are ready to support the Device Level Ring (DLR).

Industrial Entry Switches

industrial-entry Lantech industrial entry switches are unmanaged models which are designed to meet the demands of industrial network for plug-and-play usage. Each model is in a robust IP30 housing and has been tested extensively to meet with industrial EMI/EMC standards.

Industrial Converter Series

industrial-converterFeatured with the unique DIP switch for LLF and duplex mode, Lantech industrial converters provide the most convenient choice with reliability. To meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, each model is designed with robust IP30 housing with industrial grade components and has also been tested extensively to meet with EMI/EMC standards.

Industrial / Serial Devices

industrial-serial-devicesThe Lantech serial device, which is able to convert at least one serial port (RS232/422/485) to Ethernet or USB connection, enables user to remotely manage and configure device servers via internet.

Universal Redundant Fiber Controller

industrial-fiber-controllerThe series provides a permanent and trouble-free access port for in-line devices. The controller automatically switches network traffic through added in-line devices or bypass devices that are about to be removed. Prevent link failure when attached in-line devices lose power by powering the controller and in-line device from the same power source.